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Senin, 04 Maret 2013 | 0 komentar

STREBER  (Death Metal Cimanggis)

originated from the middle of 2006, the band was named Actived Obsesion and brought the genre of metalcore.

with the initial formation:

Dzaoent as vox

Ruben as Lead

Azoed as low

Tauvix as blast

for several months, we skip the gigs for the gigs.

and have a few songs. among them:


-Killed by god

-Mistake of Sorrow


-DUALITY of siervana

but along the way this band was, like the band "we have other divisions.

Tauvik leave us and focus more on another band.

up in August 2007, entered apoy help ruben on gitar.dan Vicktor fill as drumer.pola our music changed drastically, and carrying deathmetal.

on 28 August 2007, the band changed their name to be STREBER (Soul disaster from circle of emotion). with the formation of:

Dzaoent as vox

Ruben guitar as R

apoy as guitar L

Azoed as low

Vicktor as blast

all the songs that had any material we dispose of and forget. yes just think of as a benchmark.

and create a new genre view new material. including:

-Alonephobia (list of extreme noise compilation album 2007)


-A siren of hell

-Different anggel

but all did not last long, until in 2009 azoed, Vicktor and apoy left us.

Azoed and Vicktor go because his job each. while apoy go because different concepts are not who we think can be tolerated anymore.

This event was so much to make us more self introspection us again.

so we decided to vacuum for a moment.

up in October 2010 and then, come Ruly and Ucup to the band.

with a solid formation:

Dzaoent as vox

Ruben as Lead

Ruly as low

Ucup as blast

and we made a massive revolution in the band.

The original genre Deathmetal, now changed into Progressive Deathmetal.

and of course, all our songs before we had to abandon. without refreshing first.

and we are solid in our formation.

hopefully be accepted by the metalhead.
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